Another freezing day, another day of running outside and running right back inside after the picture.  Seriously, I am going to pack my things and head to Florida.  I know its cold there too now, but not as cold as here.  I just need a battery operated electric blanket to lug around with me, I can drape it over me like a ghostly sheet and walk around all warm underneath.  Of course, none of this has nothing to do with today’s prompt so I am going to go find a heating vent, and sit in front of it.  Stay warm ❤





I am not a fan of grit, but I think I have found a place for it to be acceptable to me.  I think wood was meant to be imperfect, flaws exposed.  We can sand it, stain it, paint it, but we can never rid it of its grain.  It’s a measure of growth.  This doesn’t look very secure, but it’s held up over numerous hurricanes, snow storms, three dogs and a rambunctious teen.  Wood is used to build houses, tree forts, bridges, fences and gates and today I feel like it’s under-appreciated.  How interesting things are when you actually take notice of an everyday thing and really look at it.


Fresh Air


I took this on my way home from work yesterday.  I quick trip up to the park for some “Fresh Air”.  And when I say quick, it was long enough to snap this photo and sprint back to the warmth of my car.  I am just not made for this weather.





I must buy an umbrella every time I’m out and it rains, however, when I am at home and I need an umbrella to go out, there is not one to be found anywhere.  It’s like the missing sock, it just disappears.  And on a sunny day, I’ll find it again.  So since I can’t find one, here is a substitute.  I love to curl up with a good book.  It’s what I have been doing with myself lately since it has been to cold to venture outside.  This is just one of the many books I own, and when we start our house renovations in the Spring, I hope to transform a tiny nook in my bedroom or basement, into a reading area.  I am kinda excited 🙂

PS – This book is rather good as well.


In A Bowl

In A Bowl

I know, a bit half hearted…

I had written this whole rant about something that happened to me this week, but I decided to erase it.  I have instead decided to handle my issues with grace and not air them out on the world wide web…for now.  Hoping tomorrow is a better day.