So this isn’t my best portrait ever and it may seem like it would have absolutely nothing to do with my goals.  Ah, but it does!

Today I went out to lunch with a good friend of mine.  We were so tired of the same ole-same ole, so we decided to try someplace different, someplace we hadn’t been before.  We found a little Greek/Italian restaurant in a strip mall down the street from our work called Milano’s.  Throughout the meal, my friend was making these funny faces at me, I couldn’t figure it out.  Eyes wide, on the verge of bursting out with laughter and here I am, thinking she might be choking to death.  She finally kicks me in the shin and under her breath says “look over there…” (I equate the moment to that part in Ferris Bueller’s Day off when they are in the cab and Cameron, with tight lips, tries to tell Ferris that his Dad had pulled up right next to them.)  So I look and WOW!  Doth my irises deceive me?  There are these 2 women, in these Fantastic hats!  Decked out in jewels and sparkly brooches, I thought to myself “Well it’s too darn cold for the Derby and we sure as hell ain’t in Kentucky…”  (I live in Virginia.)

I looked past the register and there were more women in hats.  All different shapes, sizes and colors!  I looked around at the other patrons eating at the restaurant and they were just as dazzled.  The waitress came by to refill our teas, I asked her what the occasion was.  She explained that it was a hat club meeting and that there were nearly 40 more ladies in the back wearing these hats and jewels, just having lunch together.  What an unbelievably lucky day this turned out to be, as I had my camera tucked away in my purse, as most amateur photogs were taught to do.  But I got nervous and started sweating.  I can’t go in there and ask them to pose for a picture for me.  How would I recover from embarrassment if they refuse me in a restaurant full of people?  Surely the patrons were all staring, as interested as I was.  Buuuut, if I never asked, I would never know and this moment would be lost to me forever.

Pulling up my big girl panties, I decided to bite the bullet.  They were all getting their long, fur coats together, readying to leave and I walked right into their private room.  The first person I made eye contact with, I would ask.  And I did.  I explained that I was studying photography and found her hat so lovely, would she mind if I took her picture?  I reassured her that the photo wouldn’t be sold or used in any improper way.  The woman above smiled, and agreed to pose for the picture.

So while this picture may not be the best I have ever taken, or a true representative of what my goals are as a whole, it certainly portrayed one goal I am hoping to overcome, especially in my photography.  If I don’t reach out for the fruit, I will never get to taste its sweetness.

Now I just have to find me a hat club to join.





14 thoughts on “Goals

    1. Thanks Melissa! I wish I had the time to photograph more of the ladies, but now that I know they frequent this place, I will be back. I loved her purse too! It matches the kiss sticker on her cheek! 😀

  1. OMG! I’m so glad that you found me and followed me so I can return the favor:) What a brave soul you are because I also feel that nervousness thinking about taking strangers photos. Great job. The Red Hat Ladies are going strong I see. What part of Va are you in? I’m in the eastern area:)

    1. Hi Sherri! Thank you so much for following back! It’s nice to know I am not the only one that feels that way. Hopefully the practice will help put us at ease! I am in Northern VA, right outside of DC, nice to meet another fellow Virginian! How’d you like the weather today? LOL! Definitely need to revamp my plans for that move to the Florida Keys!

  2. Ah, I wish I had the guts to do that more often, go up to people and ask if I could take their pictures. Hats off (pun intended…) to you for doing it!

    1. LOL! Now I just have to work on just snapping the pic and asking for forgiveness later. I really want to try candid shots too. I think that’s scarier, except for the fact that you can run away if you need to afterwards…!

  3. I love your writing! This made me laugh! You were so brave to do that though. Way to go and also capture a fun moment and share it with the rest of us 🙂

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