A Little Bit


Sadly, I printed my CY365 list and failed to see the second prompt of self-portrait.  Oh well…this is a little bit of sushi.  Normally this plate would be FULL of sushi, but I had to show some restraint.  This is a new year after all.

Sushi is one of my most favorite foods.  I could eat it every day if I had the coin.  I don’t even mind buffet sushi, especially when I can eat it for cheap!

As far as the shot goes, I didn’t take my time again.  That is apparent when you see where the focus landed.  I was in the middle of a Chinese buffet booth, my son rolls his eyes when I bust out my camera to take the pic.  The waitress comes over, smiles and continues to top off my iced tea.  She was probably wondering if I will post a review on yelp.  My teenage son, however, sinks further down in his chair.  I am constantly inventing news ways to mortify him and lugging my camera around usually does the trick.  I guess better for him I didn’t bring my 70-200mm lens and shoot it from across the room.  I think I’ll save that one for another time.  Til tomorrow!



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