With A Fork


Bah!  Another food shot…

I was given an amazing idea for this prompt, but I didn’t get the chance to get it done today.  My Dad, my Hero, my Man of Steel suffered a massive stroke this past October.  Actually, the day before my 33rd birthday.  It has really devastated our small family, but he has been doing well.  I visit every day and try to spend as much time with him as I can.  Right now he is working on his rehab at a short term facility and then he will be able to come home.  While he may not have much of his body left, I am so thankful he has most of his mind.

My Father is a veteran and while in the Army, he was a photojournalist.  He worked for Army papers and magazines. He taught editing and journalism classes at the Pentagon.  After he retired, he didn’t shoot much except for the rare family photo.  When I was finally gifted my first dslr, he was delighted and it brought us so much closer.  My dad kept his old Nikon F2 film camera and we shot a lot of my sons little league baseball games together.  We had a lot of fun comparing shots from the dslr and the film camera.  Now when I see him, he is always asking what I am working on.  I told him about my project 365 and he has been giving me some pointers on my prompts.  Of course for today, my Genius Dad tells me to take a fork, lay it in the street and take a pic of it.  Then to post it and tell others to “keep going until they see a fork in the road, and when they do, to take it.”  Honestly, the man is hilarious!  I wish I could think like him sometimes… and I meant to do it but by the time I left the rehab facility, it was dark.  Some things are just more important.

So instead, enjoy my protein laden breakfast (the blueberry kashi waffles were yummy, by-the-way).  Perhaps I’ll call him and ask him what he thinks of the prompt for tomorrow 😉



4 thoughts on “With A Fork

  1. Ok, wow…great story about your dad. I’m glad that he’s getting better and I can only imagine what a blow that was to your family. I really wish I had someone in my family that loved photography like I do. My husband is very supportive but doesn’t love it himself. I’m glad that you have that with your dad.

    1. I’m so glad I have that in common with him too. He is a fountain of knowledge and always gets that spark in his eye when he is teaching me something. I don’t know if we will ever be able to go shooting together again and that is something I will sincerely miss, but hopefully I will get better and make him proud 🙂

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