A Doorway


Pinterest Win!

After yesterday’s disasterous photo session, I don’t mind this one so much.  It highlights all the things that are wrong with my door, for instance, it could use a cleaning and some new hardware.  I often forget how detailed these photos can be using our dslr’s.  It’s like no make-up in HD, flaw here, flaw there, everywhere a flaw, flaw.

I am excited to start my weekend.  I’m off to catch up with my vids on Netflix…

And if you get a chance, go and check out another feature of mine on Little Known Creative.  Thanks Dan!



6 thoughts on “A Doorway

    1. Thanks Lyn! We are planning on getting a new door installed, it will be a navy blue color. I think the red will pop more on that than the red against red. I can’t wait to see what it will look like!

  1. I think your doorway looks lovely! If you’re put off by its little faults, just compare it to my challenge pic for that day und you’ll feel great 😀 . But I know the feeling – do a macro shot, download the picture and suddenly you see all the dust… argh…

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