In good hands


I did missed the post yesterday, however I did take this pic yesterday… with my iPhone.  I had driven to the park, set up the scene, took out my camera and alas, the darn thing was turned on and fresh out of battery.  Best I could do with what I had, although I really debated posting it.  But not posting it wouldn’t have been fair, so here it is.

We are a christian family.  I try to raise my teenage son with morals and values.  We are not perfect, and we don’t expect each other to be.  As his mother, I am constantly praying.   We have been having a difficult time with the kids in the neighborhood bullying him.  All of the kids united, there is not one willing to stand out.  It has broken our hearts that parents can condone this type of behavior and even encourage it.  We are praying that God will help us find a way to move away from here, back to our hometown and the comfort of all our family friends.  In the meantime, we will continue to push on and I will continue to teach my child right from wrong, no matter what our neighbors think about us, because we are in good hands.




4 thoughts on “In good hands

  1. I love the photo but I wish that you didn’t have this story to write about. In this day and age it is so sad that parents don’t get it. I hope you can move soon.

    1. Thanks Sherri. I hope we can move someday soon too. We are doing our best to come up with an alternative solution if moving isn’t feasible, like switching school districts or something of that nature. Anything will help at this point. :/

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