An Encouraging Word


Dreaming encourages me to think outside of the realm of reality.  Truthfully, reality can seem so depressing day after day.  All one has to do is turn on the news or open up a newspaper and there it is: death, destruction, loss and poverty.  Its a wonder how we manage to function daily with knowing all that is out there, all that is going on.

Dreaming is a means for ideas to be born, if we dream of a better future, can we dream a way to make it so?  (<- Ha!…Star Trek reference) The doors can be opened to any possibility, beyond your wildest dreams.  Right now, I dream of moving.  I dream of my son growing up to be a successful husband and father.  I dream my father is able to walk again after his stroke.  I am encouraged to make my dreams my reality.  It encourages me to work harder and be stronger.  What lies beyond these doors for you?



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