In A Bowl

In A Bowl

I know, a bit half hearted…

I had written this whole rant about something that happened to me this week, but I decided to erase it.  I have instead decided to handle my issues with grace and not air them out on the world wide web…for now.  Hoping tomorrow is a better day.



8 thoughts on “In A Bowl

      1. Thank you! Even though this month’s prompts are more of a “better than nothing” kind of pics month, I really feel very unimaginative and hope next month will be better. But I can just return that compliment to you – I really enjoy your ideas and look forward to every evening (my time…) to see what you’ll come up with 🙂 .

  1. I will add that you have lovely light on the apples and great bokeh behind them. Don’t let “those” people steal your power – you have a gift with your love of photography – we are all learning as we go!

    1. Thanks again Sherri. I try not to let it bother me. As a matter of fact, it just makes me want to go out there and get better!…. At least once this polar vortex quits! I can’t be outside in that weather for long and I am running out of inspiration inside the home. That’s it, I am moving to Florida, ASAP! 😀

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