I must buy an umbrella every time I’m out and it rains, however, when I am at home and I need an umbrella to go out, there is not one to be found anywhere.  It’s like the missing sock, it just disappears.  And on a sunny day, I’ll find it again.  So since I can’t find one, here is a substitute.  I love to curl up with a good book.  It’s what I have been doing with myself lately since it has been to cold to venture outside.  This is just one of the many books I own, and when we start our house renovations in the Spring, I hope to transform a tiny nook in my bedroom or basement, into a reading area.  I am kinda excited 🙂

PS – This book is rather good as well.



2 thoughts on “Umbrellas

  1. I know the umbrella dilemma too well. I either leave it in the car because it’s not raining when I get out or in one of my gazillion handbags and then can’t remember which one. Of course that’ll be the day it’ll rain. The number of cheap umbrellas I’ve bought on the way to or from somewhere because I got caught in the rain…

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