A horse

horseSeriously?!?  This one bothered me a lot.  If you asked me when I was little, I had many figures of horses…  But I no longer have them, and I don’t own a horse.  I don’t live around a farm or near a stable and if I were to drive to one, it would take me hours.  No books on horses, and I didn’t want to take a picture of a horse on a computer screen.  So I went scrounging around my house, desperate to find something.  This was the best I could come up with.  1 brown zebra looking horse, on a piece of polar fleece…  Well, there you go.

This piece of polar fleece happens to be a corner of a baby blanket I recently made for a friend of mine.  She just delivered a beautiful baby girl.  I make baby blankets with love for my preggo friends.  I have kept all 8 corner pieces of every blanket I have ever made and I remember the name of each baby I made them for.  One day, when I accrue enough pieces, I hope to sew myself a blanket using all of them.  I am such a sentimental softie.  Is that weird?  My friends think I have a slight hoarding problem…I say I am multi-tasking with several million different projects at once.  I really think how I feel that day effects what project I work on and when.  I like to being busy, but I don’t want to be busy with just one project all the time.  That would be boring to me and eventually feel like a chore.  This way, I can keep things fresh and different.  I know, I’m a weird one…



2 thoughts on “A horse

  1. Ok, I’m gonna get sappy here – I teared up when I read that you keep a corner and will make a blanket to remember all of those you made. You are awesome! That is a great project to come. Also, how cool that you had a baby horse on that blanket square!! I personally think that photos like this one blow my horse photo away – because it’s ingenious to have come up with this idea.

    1. Aw, thank you! That is so sweet! I guess, if I can’t find what I am looking for, I try to find something personal. That way, if I am disappointed in the shot I took, I can at least live with the importance of the subject to me. It was a one in twenty shot I’d have anything, but I do love when things come together and work out 🙂

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