It’s Still Winter…



Yup, it is still winter.  This morning when I woke up, it was 27 degrees.  I am sure it’s still in the negatives for some places.  Still too cold for me…



9 thoughts on “It’s Still Winter…

  1. It does look beautiful, though! Great shot. Over here it’s 12C/54F, and the weather switches almost daily between sunny & fresh and rainy. Today we had about 3 snowflakes…

    1. I miss my sunny warm weather! It is supposed to dump on us Wednesday night. I hoping by some miracle it might miss us. My dad is supposed to take a trip to the doctor on Thursday, I am hoping he is still able to make it. He needs to go…

    1. It a trail that winds around this entire lake. About 4 miles of paths and trees and small wildlife. Its a fabulous park. I grew up right around the corner from it and spent many a summer here. I don’t live near here any more but I work right next door! During the summers, my co-workers and I try to walk the trail for lunch, it takes a hour to get around if you walk fast. I love this place, most of my nature photos are from here. 🙂

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