Snow Day!



I am behind on my 365.  I just need to upload my pics, but today is a snow day and I wanted to post this instead.  They say that sometimes your 365 can really bog you down.  You feel so pressured to produce and sometimes it is not your best work.  Today, I am taking a snow day.  I am going to enjoy frolicking in the snow with all of my boys (human and furry).  Because today is too beautiful to miss ❤  I hope this post finds you safe and warm at home surrounded by your loved ones.  I hope this time allows you to put aside your daily chores, work and activities, and gives you the chance to enjoy life.  It’s so worth living when you can find the time to appreciate it…


16 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Like your pic very much (still no snow here, only rain), and I like your description that a 365 CAN bog you down, if you let it. Which I did last month and which was the reason why I decided to skip this month. And I realised I’ve been picking my camera up more often again to photograph little things that bring me joy, so something good came of skipping it. Hoping to join again next month, though, with the reminder in my head not to let it bog me down 🙂 . Happy snow day to you!

    1. I am struggling with the prompts for this week. It all seems the same and I am not sure how many hearts I can photograph this month 🙂 So I have decided not to allow myself to stress about it and on the days I don’t like the prompt, I will make up my own 😀 That way I won’t feel so bad!

  2. That boy is definitely having fun! Hope the rest of your family enjoys your snow day. We’re getting a reprieve for a few days here, so I’m enjoying our NO-snow day! lol!


    1. He’s not quite sure what to think of the white mess. It’s his first big snow, being from Florida and all. Don’t think either of them have seen it before. I am definitely rooting for Spring to get here and fast! Enjoy your reprieve! Hopefully we’ll be all over with this cold soon! 🙂

  3. Great photo! I know what you mean about the 365..i had started and then let it fall to the wayside as I had so many other things going on…I will try again though…maybe as the weather heads into spring finally it will come easier to me since I will be out more instead of trying to find moments within the house all the time! Have a blessed weekend 🙂

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