Off prompt



Smithsonian Information Center, Washington, DC.


Who and what


This prompt corn-fused me.  I tried reading the description in the email and decided that this shot does just the trick.  I have become accustomed to naming my subjects.  I have this sudden fascination with “M” names and this is a turtle.  Her name just has to be…. Morla.  Any guesses where that’s from? 😉


On the Third


One afternoon, I was pleased to have been asked to watch my friends children.  Two girls and four boys, including my own, ranging from 3 to 14.  The two girls were the youngest, so I entrusted the boy-watching to the eldest, my son, who had no qualms keeping them entertained.  The girls and I were getting ready to step out onto the balcony for bubble time and as we opened the door, this guy scared the bejeezies out of us.  He froze and I already had camera in hand as I had planned on taking some shots of the girls blowing bubbles, so I snapped away.  I finally had to shoo him out of the way so the girls could start playing.  I think I shall call him…..Sammie.


Off Prompt and a day behind…



My girls are here!  I am off prompt and a day behind, but that’s ok because I am having a girls weekend at my house this weekend.  My girlfriend flew in last night and I picked her up from the airport and we have been having fun non-stop ever since!  My other girlfriend is driving down as we speak!  I love spending time with my girls!  We had a fun filled weekend planned.  Today my friend and I took the metro into DC and walked around the Smithsonian before the freezing rain pelted us.  We had a blast, it was her first time on the metro!  Chat more later, we got some drinks to drink and merry to be made!


Off Prompt


It started snowing today.  And I am not a huge fan of food photography unless a restaurant stages the meal, so I am going off prompt today and sending you a shot from my favorite park.