Off prompt

I’m a bad girl… I skipped a day. Crapola! Not only that…I am not following prompt today (well, yesterday.) Yesterday I was at a belated Christmas/Family get-together and managed to catch this. It was too beautiful not to post. Sorry so short, but gotta run! I’ll try to post two tomorrow to make up for missing today.


– K


8 thoughts on “Off prompt

  1. There are really no rules so you are not “in trouble” with this project. There’s far too much stress in our world to make this project feel like more stress. (Please remember to repeat this back to me Kristen when I have hit a bad patch, lol).

    What a lovely shot of this little sweet girl. She looks in awe of the tree. Love her dress too!

    1. That is sooooo true Sherri! I will try my best to remember that, and remind you too 😉 This little one is so photogenic, I absolutely love taking pictures of her. I saw her getting close and knew I had to get in there, I don’t even think she realized I was there. It was a truly beautiful moment. Glad I could share it!

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