A Snowflake


I am not a fan of snow.  I am also not a fan of winter.  I will take hot over cold any day.  I couldn’t find one thing in my entire house that had a snowflake on it.  That should be proof enough of how much I hate the cold.  If you had read any of my earlier posts, I mentioned that I make fleece baby blankets for my friends, and that I had kept every corner piece I had cut out of all of the ones I had ever made and given away.  This blanket was one that I had made specifically for myself.  So after a day of really trying to think hard about how I was going to accomplish this prompt, I finally gave up and decided to turn in.  Just as I lifted the covers, I stared right at this snowflake.  Talk about a facepalm moment.

When I am having a lazy day, this is where you will normally find me.  Curled up in bed with at least 5 layers of fleece or mink blankets (I am in a basement apartment – its like a meat freezer in here), playing on my phone or watching netflix.  I am also guilty of throwing back the covers to jump out of bed to run to the kitchen for a snack and hopping right back in bed…..with my snack.  On the weekends, I try really hard not to move much and wait until the very last second of needing to physically get up and grab a shower.  Summer time is a completely different story.  I am up early and to bed late.  If I weren’t a Christian, I would totally worship the sun.   Can I get an amen?



6 thoughts on “A Snowflake

  1. We’re having great weather right now, but Old Man Winter will wake up again soon I’m sure. Staying under the covers all day is THE BEST! The worst thing though is running to the bathroom only to find your toilet seat is colder than a popsicle. LOL

    1. LOL! Isn’t that the truth?? Oh man! Well I hope your great weather stayed. Ours got colder, but we have been so lucky not to get hit with all that snow everyone north of us is getting! Stay warm Lola!! ❤

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