I couldn’t seem to get the white balance right on this shot.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to set my camera to florescent lighting and everything came out more blue than I had wanted.  I tried to warm it up in lightroom, but still was not achieving the color balance I thought this shot needed.  I may need to go back and see if YouTube has any good color enhancing lightroom techniques I can learn.  Anywho, a baker I am not, but I do like to be creative with presentation.  If I could do this over again, I would kill the overhead light and try some softbox lighting or try bouncing the flash off of the ceiling instead.  Ideas for another time.



4 thoughts on “Powdery

  1. Oh! Thanks Kiki! I hadn’t, I actually boosted the clarity and sharpness on the dough and lowered the clarity on the outside parts. But nope, definitely the wb sooc. I’m so glad you like it!! I think it’s growing on me a bit 🙂

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