Excuse the pile of laundry in the background.  My version of tethered is less literal than most, but just as binding.  I am tethered to my iPad.  Wherever I go, it goes.  My friends joke and say that it is an extension of my arm.  Maybe it is sad that I am in need of constant entertainment, I hate to be bored.  Between this, my iphone and my camera, I am never bored.  It’s really only during my wintertime hibernation, since this girl doesn’t “do” cold.



2 thoughts on “Tethered

  1. I feel the same way about my Kindle. In fact, we had to evacuate the school last week because the fire alarm was ringing and it wasn’t a drill. I was outside before I realized it wasn’t just another drill and I thought about dashing back for my Kindle, lol. That says it all. (No fire either but a faulty sensor – thankfully).

    1. Well Thank Goodness it wasn’t a fire! But in all honesty, I probably would have thought the exact same thing Sherri! lol. Our need for constant entertainment is so sad, isn’t it? But I still love it! Teehee!

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