Off prompt 30/365

op1Seeing as I am so far behind, I have decided to do a ton of off prompt cy365.  I am playing catch up so please bear with me as I flood your reader with shots.  Once I am caught up, I will do my best to resume prompts.

Today was an amazing day.  It was almost 70 degrees, the sun was shining and by God, I shed my parka and oversized sweatshirt, came out of my cave and went for a walk.  Yes.  This signifies my happy place.  Anywhere that is warm, sunny and near a body of water.  I could do without the sand, but I am not going to be picky.  I was out today for two hours, just wandering around.  People kept stopping me and chatting me up about my camera, exclaiming what an amazing day it was for taking pictures.  I met and loved on some of the sweetest pups walking along the beach.  And the best part, I set up my camera and didn’t think twice about the people watching me take shots of myself.  I was way too excited about being out to even take notice.




2 thoughts on “Off prompt 30/365

  1. That is a great shot! Good for you for getting out. I am so far behind, I’ll never catch up. I do plan on picking up the prompts this week and just moving forward. Your shots are amazing…I really look forward to getting the emails saying you’ve posted. Keep ’em coming! Cheers.

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