So far behind…

So seeing as I will never catch up, I figure that I will restart fresh in March with me CY365.  In the meantime despite the snow and ice last night, it crept up to a mere 50 degrees this afternoon.  Felt almost like a heat wave since we have been so used to 11 degree weather so far this winter.

Here is National Harbor in DC.  Its a cute little place that has expensive shops and restaurants.  The scenery overlooks the Poo-tomac River (filthy it is) but the structures are really neat to see.  And there is a ferris wheel that you can ride for $15 a person that gives you a fantastic view of DC and probably Maryland.

So, not playing catch up, but enjoy the view!





6 thoughts on “So far behind…

  1. Great pics 🙂 I know what you mean, I dread falling behind, it would be so difficult to catch up again. I still have no idea how I’m going to manage 365 days lol. I look forward to seeing more pics in march.

  2. Yep that first image with the sand sculpture (?) is pretty dramatic! I have been missing your photos but know how challenging it can be with work and life. Ray was fussing at me last night because of my angst with this project. Self imposed hell sometimes, lol. Hope to see you back soon and sharing your creative photos!

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