Time to Reflect…


Well so much for March.  Sorry I have been so MIA.  Sometimes Life just gets in the way.  Instead of promising to start again, I am just going to go easy and say that I will upload any chance I get.  I have a ton to catch up on, I hope everyone is doing well.

Took another trip to the beach.  I can smell it…It’s coming…Spring is on it’s way.  And I can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “Time to Reflect…

  1. Ah Kristen! Life certainly does happen. I think you can make this work however you want it to be. Be flexible. Don’t feel pressured. You are simply sharing glimpses of your world with us!

    1. It sure does Sherri! I am so lucky to feel like I have a crutch when things get rough. If I need some time, I just whip out my camera and find a place to work. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been so motivated the last few months. I am hoping I can kick this feeling and get back to doing what I love most. I miss you lots though! I am going to try to catch up on your blog today. Can’t wait to see whats in store in your world 😉 ❤ Hope Ray is doing well too! 🙂

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