Once Bitten…


A co-worker of mine just got back from Iceland yesterday.

And I’m green.

He told of a place where the summers have no night, and the cuisine, the freshest ever tasted.  A place where you can bathe in these geo-thermal pools of water, and watch geysers spring up from little cracks in the ground.  All of this reminded me of my trip out West with my mom.  Thank goodness we had gone when we did, otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to go.  I remember being in complete awe of this vast land untouched by man.  These mountains, and these cliffs and these tunnels and these man-eating bison!  Ok maybe they weren’t man-eating, but they look like they could devour a man if they wanted to.

So now I am inspired.

This is a pic I snapped of the Midway basin at Yellowstone.  They tell you not to step off the bridge or you could fall through the earth.  I’ll be honest, it did freak me out a little.  There were no rails, and just a friendly little shove could send you hurtling through the surface into the scalding water below.

I miss it.

I feel like when you travel to sight see, you are actually living.  You are fulfilling dreams and checking items off of your list of future regrets.  I remember being at Zion National Park in Utah, and being so scared driving so close the cliffs.  I swore, one wrong turn of the bus and we’d be toast.  People had asked if I had dared to hike Angels Landing to which I replied “not only no but HELL NO.”  I remember reading that on that trail, there had been 5 or 6 hikers to plummet more than 5,000 feet to their death.   Towards the top, there is steep rock and one flimsy metal chain link to keep you tethered to the mountain.  No thank you.

However, take a trip to Honeyville to Crystal Hot Springs to sit in the mineral water, I am so there 🙂

Happy Travels.



6 thoughts on “Once Bitten…

  1. And… now I want to add Iceland to my list! 🙂

    Angels Landing in Zion NP was fantastic. A little adrenaline/fear helps me feel alive… I don’t think I could live without it in my life. I was crazy enough to hike it with my Canon EOS 7D strapped to my chest. Honestly, the switchbacks on the hike up to the top were the craziest thing about that hike. They almost killed me! Haha…

    1. Oh You did it!! That’s fantastic and soooo brave! I’m askeered of heights so I don’t think I would make it, but kudos to you! I bet it was a total rush and felt great after! Iceland is totally on my list too! And Ireland, and Italy, and Korea, and… and…. 😀

  2. “…checking items off of your list of future regrets.” I like that, and that’s definitely something I feel I should start doing!

  3. I also love “…checking items off of your list of future regrets.” Lovely photo Kristen! I also dream of going to many faraway places and interesting scenic places here in the USA. My niece is going to
    Iceland and then Ireland at the end of June. Sigh. I didn’t know anything about Iceland until she shared some photos…but Ireland has always been at the top of my list.

    1. Ireland is at the top of mine too! Years ago, I read this book, its one of my favorites called “Casting Off” by Nicole R. Dickson. It made me fall head over heels for that country. I don’t know if it’s actually anything like it’s portrayed, but I really want to go visit. I also want to go back to Korea. I’ve only been once and it was for 2 months, but I loved every minute. I’m so ready to start!

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