Pure Boredom


I always feel like people (including me) are always wishing for more time.  More time in the daylight, more time for vacation, more time to spend with a loved one, more time to enjoy life.  I really feel like I have forgotten how.  This is the first full day my son has been away at camp and I remember how excited I was for him to go and experience being away from home, but also how excited I was to finally get a little time to myself.  Yet I am here, laying in bed.

Isn’t that just pathetic?

I realize too late how out of touch I am.  I have no idea what to do other than twiddle my thumbs and hope I can come up with a decent place to go shoot some pics tomorrow.  I could have shot some today, but I couldn’t think of anywhere to go or anything to shoot.  Here’s to hoping inspiration hits tomorrow.  I realize that I am in charge of getting myself out of this rut I have been in for the past eons of time, but for tonight, ice cream and netflix it is! 😉


5 thoughts on “Pure Boredom

  1. Hello Kristen, first of all: BEAUTIFUL picture!
    Then, I hope you’ll find the energy and time to go out and shoot so I can see more of your beautiful pics here.
    Funnily I talked to my sister last night about lost of people I know saying they wished they had more time to do things, and that I have never had that problem. I was lucky enough to always be able to do want I want and spend my time the way that I want. However, I still don’t go out enough to take pictures, so that particular problem might not actually be a time problem 🙂

  2. Time…I’m not feeling I have enough for me at this time! Lol. I am winding down from having 4 days off from work and I don’t feel ready to go back to work. I love my job (most of the time) so it can’t be my job to blame here. I took 3 out of 7 shots for this week and that is bugging me but not enough for me to go out and finish the week. I haven’t had enough time to sleep or read. Obviously not enough time for me. I’m writing all of this so you can tell I understand exactly what you are saying! I’m just not sure why I don’t have enough..

    But I want to add – beautiful capture of that gorgeous flower!

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