Behind the Lens


Welcome to my blog!  I’m Kristen.  I’m such a simple girl.  I love hard and chase the light.  I appreciate every day I am given and I believe everything in life happens for a reason.  I love beautiful things and capturing perfect moments.  I work full time in the lumber industry (not exactly the most glamorous job) but I am blessed to have it.  And I am a proud mom to one teenage son. I am a self-taught amateur and I am still learning every day.

I shoot Nikon and I shoot raw.  All of my edits are done with Lightroom 5.  I currently own two lenses: a Nikkor 50mm 1.8g and a Sigma 70-200mm 2.8g and I am still learning how to make the best of both.  I am restarting a new 365 this year and this time I am going to try to see it through.

Thank you so much for following my journey.  I never expected to meet such encouraging friends and mentors.  You guys are wonderful!



25 thoughts on “Behind the Lens

  1. Hi,

    I recently stumbled across your blog, and I’m very interested in your work. My name is Dan Riley; I started an online publication over at If you’re interested, we’d be thrilled to feature some of your work. Please consider helping our creative community grow and thrive. You can email me at

    Dan Riley

  2. Hey! thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck in your 365! I hope to post more this year, but I’m nowhere near ambitious as you! Hope you enjoy my ice storm photos.

  3. This is selfish and I know it 😉 – I don’t have an Instagram account, so I hope you will consider posting photos of your Greyhounds on this blog. We previously were owned by a Greyhound (1993-2000). They are such wonderful pets!


    1. Hi Lindy! Not selfish at all! I love sharing pics of my boys and am happy you asked! I will post some pics tonight. I love greyhounds, they are some of the most personable, friendliest, comical and laziest hounds I have ever met. And they can steal your heart in seconds… Stay tuned! 😉

  4. Kristen,
    I’m not a photographer, but I love beautiful photos. You’ve got the touch! And, it seems, the drive to get the best possible shot. Thanks again for the visit and like on my blog!

    1. Thank you so much Nina! I love the photographs on your blog! Later tonight I will stop by and read some of your writings. I am really looking forward to it!! 🙂

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