Playing Catch up

No Matter how hard I try to keep up, I am always falling behind.  There is just not enough hours in a day.  And maybe I’m a bit lazy and really enjoy my relaxation time, but I always come to regret not having finished or continued as I had planned.







Off subject…

I just couldn’t pass up sharing this link that a really good friend forwarded to me.  I saw this stream and immediately had to share.  When I aspire to be a photographer, I aspire to be this.  This is elegance, simplicity, and breath-taking in every photo.  Those of you who love to look at other photographers work, definitely take the time to check out the work of Elena Shumilova.  It will be the most imaginative and creative 5 minutes you ever spent.

This is not part of my 365, I will be posting more later, but enjoy!