I love my bestie.  My bestie lives really far away from me, currently works a graveyard shift and we play this game every night.  We are totally addicted!  It’s a silly game, but we are so competitive, it makes it so much fun.  We talk to each other while we play and somehow we can talk and play for hours on end.  It’s something I look forward to every night before bed.  So after dinner is done, dishes are washed, clothes are folded and put away, I am able to finally relax and have some “me” time.  There is nothing else I would rather do.  QT with bestie is my most favorite time of night.  So this is my “Play”.  ❤  (C&VB) – I know you are reading this. 🙂 – Bestie code…lol



Snow Day!



I am behind on my 365.  I just need to upload my pics, but today is a snow day and I wanted to post this instead.  They say that sometimes your 365 can really bog you down.  You feel so pressured to produce and sometimes it is not your best work.  Today, I am taking a snow day.  I am going to enjoy frolicking in the snow with all of my boys (human and furry).  Because today is too beautiful to miss ❤  I hope this post finds you safe and warm at home surrounded by your loved ones.  I hope this time allows you to put aside your daily chores, work and activities, and gives you the chance to enjoy life.  It’s so worth living when you can find the time to appreciate it…