Off prompt 30/365

op1Seeing as I am so far behind, I have decided to do a ton of off prompt cy365.  I am playing catch up so please bear with me as I flood your reader with shots.  Once I am caught up, I will do my best to resume prompts.

Today was an amazing day.  It was almost 70 degrees, the sun was shining and by God, I shed my parka and oversized sweatshirt, came out of my cave and went for a walk.  Yes.  This signifies my happy place.  Anywhere that is warm, sunny and near a body of water.  I could do without the sand, but I am not going to be picky.  I was out today for two hours, just wandering around.  People kept stopping me and chatting me up about my camera, exclaiming what an amazing day it was for taking pictures.  I met and loved on some of the sweetest pups walking along the beach.  And the best part, I set up my camera and didn’t think twice about the people watching me take shots of myself.  I was way too excited about being out to even take notice.






Boyyyyy did I go lazy with my post for today!  So the word was ensemble and I struggled with this all day long.  I looked at others photos for inspiration until I realized I had thirty minutes to post or it will be tomorrow!  I looked down at what I was wearing.  It is quite an interesting ensemble.  My fur lined leggins and my super comfy boot slippers, and I realized this was my photo tied along with the prompt from yesterday…A Reflection Of Me.  I am quirky and weird and have absolutely no problem sacrificing beauty for comfort.  Is it summer yet guys?



Snow Day!



I am behind on my 365.  I just need to upload my pics, but today is a snow day and I wanted to post this instead.  They say that sometimes your 365 can really bog you down.  You feel so pressured to produce and sometimes it is not your best work.  Today, I am taking a snow day.  I am going to enjoy frolicking in the snow with all of my boys (human and furry).  Because today is too beautiful to miss ❤  I hope this post finds you safe and warm at home surrounded by your loved ones.  I hope this time allows you to put aside your daily chores, work and activities, and gives you the chance to enjoy life.  It’s so worth living when you can find the time to appreciate it…