What matters?

I know it’s been a long time.  I haven’t given up, I have just been really needed lately. 

Through my busy-ness, I have noticed a sudden influx of people losing loved ones these past two weeks.  I wanted to pass along some condolences and say a few words. 

These past few months have put a lot into perspective for me.  Since my fathers stroke this past October, every phone call I receive sends my heart into a tizzy.  The endless paperwork, the kind people wanting to help, but not exactly knowing what to do, getting affairs in order in case of the inevitable, spending most of your free time in constant vigilant prayer, the decisions that need to be made, hoping you are making the right ones… 

But actually losing someone…  To have felt deep loss, the kind that paralyzes, causes blurred vision and a non-registering thought process.  Walking around zombie-fied, nothing seems as important in life than this sudden loss of life.

So what matters?

Material things?  Career boosters?  Being right all the time? 



People matter.  Those you love and those that love you.  They are what matter.  I can’t stress enough that life can be so short.  Take the time, make the effort, tell them, show them.  Tomorrow might be too late.

To those that have lost this week, I am sending the most heartfelt hugs and prayers of comfort and strength…





Yay more food.  My life seems to revolve around food… a lot.

Lately I have been on a salad kick.  You know, trying to stay healthy, blah blah.  But in all honesty, sometimes I love a good salad.  When you get the right combo of salty/sweet, crunchy/soft, tangy and subtle, it can really become a symphony to your taste buds.  I just walk through the fresh aisles of my grocery store throwing in as many veggies as I can.  Once in a while, I am able to get to my local farmers market, and when I do, I bring the Chevy Suburban!

I have really been trying to stay away from meats so many times a week.  I love meat, give me a good ribeye slathered in melted butter and garlic powder any ol’ day, but high cholesterol runs in my family.  I have it, and my son is starting to show signs of it, so I have been extremely strict in our diets.  I do my best to shop only in the fresh and frozen veggie aisles and get very very few canned and boxed items.  I know I am doing it right when my pantry is empty and my refrigerator is full.  Just making the switch in breads, making sure the bread does not contain high fructose corn syrup (Nature’s Own – the only brand I buy) and getting whole grain or whole wheat instead of white.  I promise after a while, you do get used to it.  Trading white long grain rice for brown rice or basmati rice (some brands of basmati show less carbs than even brown rice).  Trading in your Land’o Lakes for some Smart Balance.  To me, it’s worth it.  While it is true that some of the switches are pricier, I wonder if you can really put a price tag on giving yourself more time with your loved ones?  No, it’s not guaranteed, but it can help.

I would go all vegan if it were just me I was cooking for.  My son and husband would starve to death, poor dears.  I tried to make them a portobello burger for dinner one night, and they nearly threw it at me.  I thought it was delicious, but to them, there was just no substitute.  Oh well, at least they do eat salad.  I feel better knowing that we are making even these little steps towards happier, healthier lives.  Next time, remind me to tell you about my experience with Quinoa, although, you probably won’t want to hear it.  It’s one of those TMI things… 😉