Daddy’s Hands



He wants to write a book.  In this story, he is the able hero who rescues a missing Pastor’s daughter and solves the murder of JFK with his two best comrades from the Army while dealing with the Mexican cartels and Vladimir Putin.  I told him I couldn’t wait to read it.  So he wrote, about 15 pages and has just concluded the end of his novel.  He is asking me to type it for him.  And I will.  

 He wants a small slide-in camper for the new truck he wants to buy, so he can drive my mother back to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon again.  He asks me to research it on the internet and is a bit disappointed when the closest place to purchase the one he wants is in North Carolina, the second is in Utah.  We watch youtube videos about the camper and he shows me the inside.  He points out where his grandson will sit to play his video games and which bed is mine.  He asks me to research a Mazda dealership in the area and where he might be able to purchase a lift kit for the back so he can bring along his new motorized wheelchair.  

He wants to play the guitar.  He asks me to bring it with me next time I visit.  He asks me to lay it across his lap and to hold it while he strums away.  He wonders why his left hand won’t grip the neck like it used to.  It’s okay, I play the chords he calls out to me and he hums along, eyes closed.

I love him.  And I wish, more than anything, that he could be young again…


Staying afloat…


Thank you for all of your encouraging comments and your kind words.  I promise, I won’t give up.

With A Fork


Bah!  Another food shot…

I was given an amazing idea for this prompt, but I didn’t get the chance to get it done today.  My Dad, my Hero, my Man of Steel suffered a massive stroke this past October.  Actually, the day before my 33rd birthday.  It has really devastated our small family, but he has been doing well.  I visit every day and try to spend as much time with him as I can.  Right now he is working on his rehab at a short term facility and then he will be able to come home.  While he may not have much of his body left, I am so thankful he has most of his mind.

My Father is a veteran and while in the Army, he was a photojournalist.  He worked for Army papers and magazines. He taught editing and journalism classes at the Pentagon.  After he retired, he didn’t shoot much except for the rare family photo.  When I was finally gifted my first dslr, he was delighted and it brought us so much closer.  My dad kept his old Nikon F2 film camera and we shot a lot of my sons little league baseball games together.  We had a lot of fun comparing shots from the dslr and the film camera.  Now when I see him, he is always asking what I am working on.  I told him about my project 365 and he has been giving me some pointers on my prompts.  Of course for today, my Genius Dad tells me to take a fork, lay it in the street and take a pic of it.  Then to post it and tell others to “keep going until they see a fork in the road, and when they do, to take it.”  Honestly, the man is hilarious!  I wish I could think like him sometimes… and I meant to do it but by the time I left the rehab facility, it was dark.  Some things are just more important.

So instead, enjoy my protein laden breakfast (the blueberry kashi waffles were yummy, by-the-way).  Perhaps I’ll call him and ask him what he thinks of the prompt for tomorrow 😉