The Blue Heron (off prompt) 38/365 and 39/365





The Blue Heron Silhouette

I am making all of these count as two prompts.  Why?  Because I can, that’s why.

38/365 & 39/365





My first experience with The Blue Hour.


Sometimes I feel like photography makes you do things so out of the norm…  Pulling over in a neighborhood on the street to snap pictures of their entrance lighthouses while everyone is jogging by you or walking their dogs is so intimidating.  It’s so easy to try to snap pictures when you are being all touristy because everyone else is taking pictures too.  But being all alone, just looking around for some sort of inspiration to jump out at me, I seriously laughed at myself.  I walked to this wall thinking “Maaan, I must look like an idiot taking a picture of this stone wall.  I wonder what all these people are thinking” but I want my shot, so I guess I didn’t really care.  It’s not like I live here anyway.  I live in the next neighborhood over.  I was on my way home from work and realized I had better venture out of my way to see if I could find something interesting.  Otherwise I’m sure I would have ended up taking a close up of my recycling bin or something.

I like posting my 365 at night.  It gives me time to really think about the prompt and what look I want to go for.  I can also avoid going “aw man, I should have done this! or I should have done that!” all day long because I know myself and that’s exactly what would happen.  But funny enough, the things I think about during the day, don’t usually end up in my shots.  I think about them more for future prompts or things I might want to try outside of my 365.  But it’s nice to have something photography related to concentrate on, I feel like I am actually teaching myself something.

PS – I wanted to shout out to Little Known Creative who featured one of my shots today on his website!  Dan is a great guy who helps promote artists that may not be as well known.  There are many short stories, poems, sketches and photography to take a look through so stop on by and be inspired!  Thanks Dan!