Ready for Summer!



Ahhhh the sun.  If it were a food, I would eat it everyday.  Winter time always brings out the blues for me.  And in the summer, I prefer never to be home.  I feel happiest when I am lost in the trees, climbing rocks and dangling my feet over the edge of things.  This is Great Falls National Park.  This past weekend was get in “free” so my brother and his significant other suggested we go for a hike.  Oh I was sooooo game!  It was my first of the season and we had a blast.  It made me want to play the lottery, so one day I could forgo work and spend my days outside, snapping away at all the things that caught my eye.

These are just snapshots, no real planning or set up.  When I hike with others, I get into point and shoot mode, because I always feel so bad lagging behind, trying to take 10 different shots of the same thing.  I think next weekend, I will venture out by myself so I can take my time.

Enjoy the sun folks!  While it lasts 🙂





Time to Reflect…


Well so much for March.  Sorry I have been so MIA.  Sometimes Life just gets in the way.  Instead of promising to start again, I am just going to go easy and say that I will upload any chance I get.  I have a ton to catch up on, I hope everyone is doing well.

Took another trip to the beach.  I can smell it…It’s coming…Spring is on it’s way.  And I can’t wait.

Who and what


This prompt corn-fused me.  I tried reading the description in the email and decided that this shot does just the trick.  I have become accustomed to naming my subjects.  I have this sudden fascination with “M” names and this is a turtle.  Her name just has to be…. Morla.  Any guesses where that’s from? 😉


Think Over

My childhood hadn’t always been sunshine and daisies, unicorns and rainbows.  I grew up with a strict Korean mom and for those of you who have read some posts before, you probably guessed it wasn’t easy growing up with a mom from a completely different culture than your peers.  Even then, I wouldn’t have changed a thing as all roads lead to where I am today.

There is a purpose to my rantings.  My choice of photo today is not so much the act of thinking, it’s more of a representation of a quiet place to do some serious thinking.  Away from people, heavy traffic (although I am very guilty of doing some very deep thinking while stuck in traffic, sometimes almost missing my darn exit), where you may hear the occasional dog bark, the tree limbs knocking together, and the honking of the geese flying around the lake.  Today there were seagulls flying in circles so close to where I was standing.  I had a hard time keeping focus on them when I took the pics.  I did manage to get one sharp one.

My quiet place is Accotink Park.  My stomping grounds.  It’s where my father taught me to cast and bait my own hook, we spent many an afternoon fishing by the dam under the train trellis.  My mother and I would walk the fitness trails and then take paddleboats out to the island.  They also had a putt-putt course that I kicked major tail in, but that’s long since been torn down.  Luckily, I am able to visit whenever I like, because it is footsteps from where I work.  It always brings out that bit of nostalgia every time.

Day 2.


And some others: