My view 36/365




I heart….. my view.



Trees 35/365



Cheers to my 100th blog post!!!

I love the way the light makes half of the tree glow.


Where I stand 34/365


Besides water and sun, my second happy place is getting lost on trails in the woods.  Seeing the lights filter through the leaves and branches, listening to the birds and the sounds of rustling leaves as the squirrels run by.  My shoes will never stay clean.


In the Air

In the Air5


I swear, all I could think about was Phil Collins.  And now you have it stuck in your head too!  HA!  Those of us who remember anyway.  Early this morning, there was a dense fog advisory in effect for our county and the surrounding areas.  It was incredible, you couldn’t see more than a mile ahead.  Along the highway or across a bridge over a lake, you could look on both sides of you and see nothing but this dark grey blanket obscuring your view of the scenery passing by.  Fog like that kind of makes me feel claustrophobic.  By the time I got to work, the fog had nearly let up, but I was determined to get to this spot to see if I could still catch the last remnants of it.  Meh!  Not as much as I had hoped for, but I didn’t really mind.  To me, this is beautiful.  This is where I feel my most comfortable.  This is home. I wish I had more of it where I live, but I don’t.

In a time where it seems every inch of space is occupied by some building or structure or road or residence, I miss these uncharted areas where you could just get lost in the woods and end up on the other side of somewhere else.  In such a short span of time we have become this money hungry nation only interested in the highest bidder or whats in it for us, that we’ve almost forgotten what our towns must have looked like before they were overdeveloped into these massive mazes of concrete jungle.  Some of you may still live in towns and counties that haven’t been too much disturbed by man or machine, some of you may prefer to live in the city where the only greenery you see are the little patches of park on the sidewalks or near the small row of residences.  I can’t imagine having a dog in the city, wherever would it pee?

Even on the outskirts of the city, present day suburbia, every piece of land is owned by these crotchety people who put up signs and gates and barbed wire fences. It’s really too bad you just can’t find anywhere to explore near home.  There are state or national parks, but there used to be places you could walk to.  Just step right outside your very own door, maybe down the street a little.  I just wish I could go back in time to when I was little, when I didn’t really care who’s property it was, when I didn’t have to spend all day within four walls in front of a computer to finally get home past sunset, when I could wander around all day carving my initials into the trees. seeing how high I can climb or picking out which tree I would like to have a house built in.

I don’t know if you can really see the fog in this photo, but I bet you could imagine it…