Ready for Summer!



Ahhhh the sun.  If it were a food, I would eat it everyday.  Winter time always brings out the blues for me.  And in the summer, I prefer never to be home.  I feel happiest when I am lost in the trees, climbing rocks and dangling my feet over the edge of things.  This is Great Falls National Park.  This past weekend was get in “free” so my brother and his significant other suggested we go for a hike.  Oh I was sooooo game!  It was my first of the season and we had a blast.  It made me want to play the lottery, so one day I could forgo work and spend my days outside, snapping away at all the things that caught my eye.

These are just snapshots, no real planning or set up.  When I hike with others, I get into point and shoot mode, because I always feel so bad lagging behind, trying to take 10 different shots of the same thing.  I think next weekend, I will venture out by myself so I can take my time.

Enjoy the sun folks!  While it lasts 🙂







Turning the mundane into something extraordinary.  Boy is this hard for me.  Seeing the potential of a shot before actually shooting, sigh.  I am so tired of the same everyday things I see around me.

This fairy is located on my mothers deck.  There is something about it, that draws me to it every time I go for a visit.  I think it’s because every time I see it, it changes.  It weathers more each time and something that is supposed to be so cute, beautiful and perfect, turns moldy and gray, yet still so hauntingly beautiful.

I love the pattern the light hits on each of the balusters.  I love the planters that surround her that signifies a certain emptiness, an unfruitful display of nothing.  The fake fronds behind her give her just enough character to place her in the correct atmosphere of where I believe she should be, along with her bare feet.  I love the way the crevices hold the old dirt and dust to give her some contrast to her now gray, but once stark white, surface.

Slowly but surely friends, when I can make it back.  I will.  I miss it too much.