And then he walked into our lives, and it was love at first sight.


Meet our Gunner “Gun-Gun” Gunnershins






I visited my parents house this past Sunday as I do every Sunday.  I go and stay with my father so my mom can slip away to church and then be free to do some shopping in the afternoon.  I introduced my father to Netflix so we have been catching up on our movie watching while we do some PT.  This is Muffin.  We got her 6 years ago when she fit in the palm of my hand.  We are trying to rehome her at the moment.  We are heartbroken about giving her up, but its hard enough that my mom has to single-handedly care for my dad.  But we won’t let her go until we find a really great place for her.  We have faith that we will find a perfect family for our Muffin.






It’s supposed to be a joke… get it?  Lively?  My greyhounds?  While they are most certainly alive (Thank God!), they are not very lively when they are too busy being lazy.  If you have ever had a greyhound before, it’s a running joke that these breeds of dogs are 45mph couch potatoes.  Best dogs I have ever had.  Adopt one today!


My Greys.


I was politely asked to share some pics from my instagram of my boys.  My Greyhound boys, that is.  Brady age 4 and Wally age 3.  In the pic above, Brady is the tanner of the two.  He is a red brindle, while Wally is a dark brindle.

We will have had our greyhounds for 2 years this coming May.  Memorial day to be exact.  We adopted them from the NGAP in Philly, PA.  They are the most amazing dogs we have ever had.  They have the most amazing personalities and all they want is for you to love them and love on them.  The highlight of their entire day (other than breakfast and dinner) is cuddling and playing with you.  They are the greatest dogs to have and we are so blessed to have these two in our lives.  They really do make the best pets.

Here are a couple more of the boys.  (separate, because it is really hard to get pics of the two of them together.)




And Wally:



Can you tell how much I love taking their pictures?  They don’t really mind posing for me.  They get lots of treats when they do so!  These are just a few of my favorite.