Fresh Start 1/366

Now, this is my idea of a fresh start!  For Christmas, a friend of mine sent over this delicious box of flavored coffees.  I have enjoyed a nice steaming cup of coffee every morning since.  I heart her.  She has no idea how much she has really made my month.  

As far as this New Year ahead…I have plenty of wonderful things planned, so much to look forward to, which will be revealed in time.  But for now, I’ll just plug right along and do the best I can to get to where I am going to.  I wish you all a Happy New Year!  I hope all of your dream comes true this year!



r5It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” -W.T. Ellis




Being away from work and people is a great indulgence of mine.  Today has been a rough day.  I am definitely feeling the mid-week blahs.  Summer is soon to be over, winter will be approaching soon enough.

I used this new moisturizer this morning and ugh, my face is sticky and super oily and I can’t wait to get home to wash my face.  It’s not nearly busy enough today to keep me from wandering the depths of the internet, reading any dumb story that pops up on my Facebook feed.  I hate days like today.  These are “lay out on the couch watching Harry Potter marathon’s while eating Triple Chocolate Gelato” days.  Hope everyone else is having a better day ❤


to the water